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Are you stressed out every-time you think about your wedding day? The success of this one single event that is so important to you? Do you feel your stomach knotting when you think about the budget, the guest list, what to wear, bridal party wear, where and how the reception will be, colour scheme? Do you want to scream when you think about getting everything done on time?? Video cameras and photographers, where to dine and finally how to meet everyone’s expectations. Here is the answer... We are the ultimate wedding planning,management and supply service provider offering personalised services to make your day the happiest day of your life.

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Lulu Events believes in excellence, and in our services our team is dedicated to provide customized, strategic event planning,management and supply where guests connect with our clients' brands and products in ways that are personally relevant and memorable. From the ultimate Event planning, management and supply company in Kenya.

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LDE can help you in planning, manage and promote your event using years in advance, or we can ride to the rescue at the last minute if your plans go awry. Our world-class trade show staff can be there from setup to tear down and handle every aspect of the event including: Preferred Event Supplier Pricing; Sponsorships; Registration; Budget Creation/Management

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Professional Consultation on

How to delegate the responsibilities  effectively; How to manage your committee and to counter your committee managing you; How to organize and plan your wedding with 1-3 committee meetings only; Budgetary management- how to manage your savings and contributions effectively; Where to obtain effective meaningful Pre- marital counseling which can compliment any other counseling that you are receiving; Time keeping techniques e.g talking to your folks b4 hand; Where to source Gift registry services; Sourcing of Honeymoon packages...